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Font Remix Tools update and videos

We have a new version of the RMX Tools!

Have a look for yourself at www.remix-tools.com.

The Remix Tools got some new features and a few extra tools.
Also, I have produced some screencasts so you can have a look at what they do before you install them.

The Font Remix Tools are a set of plug-ins for FontLab Studio that allow scaling of glyphs without affecting the stroke weight. You can use them to tune the width, height and weight of single letters interactively, automatically generate small caps, superiors, inferiors, numerators and denominators, create true condensed and extended versions, generate tabular figures with only a couple of clicks, and slant glyphs while keeping vertical tangents straight.


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Font Remix Tools 1.0 now available

Hi all,

I am happy to announce the first public version of my Font Remix Tools for FontLab.
If you have an MM font with a weight axis these tools allow you to generate true small caps, tabular figures or even true condensed versions in a single step with an easy to use dialogue.
The Remix Tools come with an installer so you do not need any FL scripting knowledge to get them to work.

More info and download at:

Sorry for crossposting if you have already read this.


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