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The Imprimerie at the Fourneau Saint-Michel

My plan to photograph as many printing museums as possible is still moving along. This time I had the opportunity to take pictures in the tiny print shop of the Fourneau Saint-Michel open air museum in Saint-Hubert, Belgium.

The press in the 'Imprimerie'

Pictures from other museums can be found here.

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Photographing the Selexyz Dominicanen bookshop

I took my camera and wide angle lens to my favorite bookstore, the Selexyz Dominicanen shop in Maastricht - The Netherlands. This store is located in a 13-th century church and is generally considered one of the most beautiful book stores in the world. You can read about the visit and see additional pictures here.

The table shaped like a cross is a nice design touch

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Admiring typography in Lisbon

A holiday is the perfect opportunity to take pictures of some inspiring typography. Sometimes you find examples at the most unexpected places.

Typography in Lisbon |

For more pictures, take a look here

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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion & fonts

The pages on my Prepressure web site about the way various flavors of OSX deal with type have always been pretty popular. I've now started working on one about OS X 10.7 Lion. Can't wait to get my hands on the new OS, even though I only want to install it on a test partition. New operating systems always need some time to settle.

For some odd reason that new Emoji typeface fascinates me. I am aware that this is likely 'not done' on this site (insert bottom right emoticon here).
Apple Color Emoji

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The iPad, such an enjoyable waste of time

The problem with the iPad is that it gently lures you away from getting any work done. You look up from its gorgeous screen to suddenly discover that it is well past midnight. All you've done is watched other people's sites, read their observations, admired their pictures or stared at any other way in which they expressed themselves.

Admittedly the thing did inspire me write down some first impressions and rant about how stupid iTunes handles iPad back-ups. I can only hope that it will become much more of a tool instead of a (web)-TV once I get past the initial fooling around phase.

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Surfin' soap for printaniers

I recently visited Het huis van Alijn, a small history museum in Ghent – Belgium. It has some interesting posters from the 1930's on display, which you can see on this page of my site. Most of all I liked some of the packaging artwork, such as the labelling on a bar of 'Surfin' soap for printaniers'.

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Snow Leopard font handling

While I certainly appreciate the beauty of fonts, it is the technology behind all those curves that I find fascinating. I recently added a page on the way OS X 10.6 handles fonts to my site. Suggestions, corrections or additional information are highly appreciated.

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