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Collection Sold!

My wood type collection has sold! The collection is going to a letterpress printer (who prefers to remain anonymous). He intends to create a specimen book from the collection, and eventually donate it to a large American printing museum. Thank you everyone for all your emails, inquiries and good wishes. I will suggest to the buyer that he makes sure to notify Typophile readers when the specimen book is done.

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Wood type collection for sale

My large personal collection of classic and rare wood type fonts is now for sale: 373 fonts in eleven type cabinets, plus 129 related items.

The collection is about one-third historic and fancy fonts, one-third modern 20th century fonts, and one-third gothics. Also included are two smaller collections, one of borders, catchwords & ornaments and one of sorts, as well as several wood type catalogs and books and a 36-inch wood type composing stick from the old print shop at St. Meinrad's Abbey Press. Asking price is $172,000 (about $425/font).

For an inventory and prospectus with additional photos, please email me at malcolmdean@mac.com

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