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has anyone done any research on The Flag of Our Union publications from the 1800s?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flag_of_Our_Union

there is not much to see online and the archives are really far away from my current town: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
if anyone has any useful links, photos or information i would highly appreciate the share. im particularly interested in production details like what press was used, if its still available at any particular museum and what type they featured for body copy...

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Helvetica+Baskerville= Helville?

Im not sure if anyone has attempted this already, but whatever, i've been working on the merge of these two faces into what i call Helville, mantaining the weight and proportions of helvetica with some characteristics of baskerville...
here are some screencaps of the work in progress... more to come -

Your comments will be highly appreciated as this is my first experience "creating" a typeface (i know im cheating, but its a start!)

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