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I've been trying to identify fonts wherever I see them. So much fun!

Titles for TV show Burn Notice - Chalet London 1970
Titles for TV show The Closer - Bembo

Text for The Economist magazines - looks a lot like Palatino but apparently they have a proprietary font called Ecofont. Headings are in Officina.
Text for The Smithsonian magazine - Bembo

L.L. Bean catalog - Cheltenham
Crate & Barrel catalog - Helvetica

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N00bie in the house

After years of admiring, but not truly understanding, good design, I've decided to learn the fundamentals.

I enrolled in two online classes at Foothill College, the local junior college. The first is on color, taught by Linda Lum, using gouache and Color Aid paper. The second is on design, taught by Carolyn Brown, using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

My previous years of higher education have been immersed in physics, biology, and medicine, so this is a completely different paradigm of learning. The concept and practice of creative exercises and group critiques is completely new to me.

In addition, I've been reading blogs and books about typography and grid systems.

My favorite sites:
http://www.typophile.com (obviously)

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