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ekphrasis project...

fruit vendors in new orleans. i wanted to keep the file big so the words could be read.
a visual representation in words...

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Samia Saleem

She has a pretty cool website...

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I love my sketchbook.

However, it has taken shape to look like something natalie dee would create (see also: I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Of course, I think I am funny, but I think a good majority of my humor is lost on others. I would love to collage, but the problem with collaging is actually finding things to put together. I have these ideas of things I would like to see together, but of course, that is not the point of collaging.

How do I better my sketchbook and show concept development while still showing variety? What are your suggestions?

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Saul Bass is one cool cat...

His use of hand-lettered type and hand-drawn elements create simplified, heavily-impacting designs.

look at his stuff!

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papyrus is the worst thing ever invented.

I once went into the Louisiana Art & Science Museum in Baton Rouge to discover, much to my dismay, an entire exhibit on Egypt laced with descriptions typed in Papyrus typeface. First off, this is an ART and science museum, and the designer in me just died. Second, what is the obsession with Papyrus? A 2-point analysis:

1.) It's "edgy" (vomit). In thinking of the unstructured edges of the Papyrus letterforms, some (non-designers) think that the result is an artistic, "fancy" font. WRONG. Quite the opposite. Papyrus pigeonholes design into the realm of the overdone, tired, and just plain terrible.

2.) It needs to be put on everything as body text!!! Rebuttal: Poor legibility. Need I say more?

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S Collage:

Sarah Palin is tearing the shorts of some unsuspecting person, while being flanked by she-like items, like shavers, soaps, salad, and shopping carts.

The hodge-podge of s characters antagonize her.

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I misspelled the file palation. hah!

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Design Movements

Three of my favorite movements of art history are the Bauhaus movement, the Constructivist movement, and the Futurism movement. Clearly, Bauhaus, Futurism and Constructivism are related insomuch as Constructivism was the Russian lovechild of Bauhaus and Futurism. And so it goes:

Bauhaus is the big granddaddy of 20th century design. Strong geometric shapes and lines characterize this style. Streamline was key not only in Bauhaus architecture, but as is apparent from the picture, in design. Sans serif fonts became more prevelant thanks to Bauhaus, and the modern age was born. Oh, the celebration of man!

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this time i'm walking to new orleans...

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Book Cover

Obsession: A History by Lennard J. Davis

Simplistic, beautiful, and striking: three words that best describe the cover of Obsession: A History by Lennard J. Davis. Obsession, as one may have inferred, chronicles the position of obsessions in modern culture. Whether clinical or inferred, obsessions have become more common place today than ever before in history.

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fashion statement du jour

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oh, Blackberry

You delete my texts before I read them and you don't tell me who my missed calls are from.

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my portfolio

could use some feedback... please and thanks!

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no, really, it is.

Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy...

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promising, ya know?

according to my advertising copywriting teacher, probably none of us will find a job when we graduate because of the economy. so that's good to know, considering i've already sunk nearly $30,000 into a college education. what's a student to do? blah.

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