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Font Design on CBS Sunday Morning

Thanks, Jonathan - More on this and all things typographic here.

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Font Confessional

I've got a confession to make. A few days ago, I used Papyrus. I think it was the first time, and I've felt an inner turmoil ever since.

Please allow me to present the context. My kids needed to set a quick Halloween poem to give to a friend. I had all of 3 minutes to produce this thing, so I scanned through my font menu, and after trying a few other defaults that didn't feel spooky enough, I settled on Papyrus. Who was going to know? Problem was, the client (Isaac and Naomi, ages 6 and 4) loved it.

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Bring back the InterCap

Hoefler and Frere-Jones have thrown down the gauntlet. They've declared it's high time to give typography back to the people, by bringing back the intercap.

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Joe Clark on Toronto Subway typography

Just read this paper which was support material for Joe Clark's presentation at AtypI a few days ago. A worthy read.


Digg it here: http://www.digg.com/design/Type_in_the_Toronto_Subway

Whether you're on iPhone or just plain lazy, this should come in handy.

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Read Me: Typophile Server Upgrade

Typophile is made possible through the generosity of sponsors and efforts of volunteers, including time invested by us at Punchcut. We squeak time in on Typophile as often as we can without compromising client commitments.

Typophile gets a lot of traffic. We're seeing about 200,000 unique visitors every month, with actual page "hits" coming in around 300,000 per day. Google likes us. 20,000 Typophile users are depending on us. So we don't take any site changes lightly.

On occasion we have to take the site down for maintenance upgrades. When we do, our general approach is to minimize downtime so that the community can keep moving, discussing and collaborating.

"He's not only an author and a pianist, he's a whiz at litigating over techno AFM files."

"I loved that piece you wrote on tweaking monoweight strokes."

"Noordzij's thesis is little more than kerning mannerist letterforms."

Huzzah! The Small Talk Generator is back up, and has been updated with new references. With over 25 million potential combinations, it's sure to generate something pretentious for you to say at your next design get-together.

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Typophiles for Peace

Three years later, the Typophiles for Peace quilt is just as relevant as ever.

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Getting Typophile content back online

I'm happy to report that we've unlocked the secret to porting our original Typophile content to the new framework. It's eluded us for some time.

First up is Typography 101: Jonathan Hoefler's Type Styles 101, taken from the course he taught at Yale.

Watch for more to come in this vein.

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Hacking the nano

I'm too excited about this not to post it.

I recently installed Linux on my iPod Nano. Now it plays video, Doom, and the arcade games I used to play as a kid. Why would I ever want to boot into Apple's standard iPod OS after getting a taste of this?

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Podcasts I can't seem to live without.

Daily Source Code
Major Nelson Radio
Resonance FM: Turntable Radio
The Bitterest Pill
The Verge of the Fringe

...And you?

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Snapshot, 5 Jan 2006

Hey, if the blog is here, I might as well use it.

I'm reading: Mindscan by Robert J. Sawyer
I'm tagging video at: Vidtags
I'm drinking: Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
I'm enjoying: My new Moleskine
I'm working: Way, way, way too much.

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Typophile Relaunches

It's been quite the day. We've all been burning the candle at all ends to get this launch out. And despite a significant number of both cosmetic and functional bugs, we felt it more important to launch when we said we would.

Behind the scenes, we were shooting for a 12:00 noon PST launch. We didn't want to launch too late in the day, when it no longer really "felt" like 05/05/05. As it turns out, we needed the extra time as we were plagued were a swarm of latecomer bugs that had us frantically working until about the 5:00 hour. Sometime in the late afternoon, Yves Peters popped on and pointed out that the Typographica boards were blowing up with people asking about the launch.

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