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Did you know?

Did you know of a few hidden views into Typophile? Mind you, these aren't polished views, so spare us the design critique, but might still satisfy the curious who are looking to discover new pathways into the Typophile archives...

http://typophile.com/frontpage - Recent content on Typophile, in blog form (This view may be good if you'd rather avoid the flash home page until we get it rebuilt...)

http://typophile.com/archive - Displays a historical view of content sorted by Month & Year

http://typophile.com/popular/today - Shows which threads are getting the most views today.

http://typophile.com/glossary - Displays an alphabetical list of all content

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New feature! Marking content on Typophile [BETA]

I'd like to announce a new AND VERY BETA feature on Typophile we're calling "marks."

We've heard a lot of requests for this one. This new feature will allow you to mark content that you're interested in following in real-time. Think of it as a Typophile-specific bookmarking system.

Typophile Marks are for signed-in users only. Once you're signed in, you'll see a few small changes to the Typophile UI. First, at the top-right of forum topics and blog posts, you'll see a little bookmark icon. Click the icon to mark that thread.

Under "My account" you'll see a new item called "My marks" - This does exactly what you'd expect - It returns a list of the content that you've marked. You can also access it directly at http://typophile.com/mymarks.

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Comments RSS re-enabled

For those of you who've missed being able to subscribe to individual topics, we've re-enabled it. Look for the icon in your browser's URL bar, or modify any URL by inserting "crss/" in this manner:




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Typography explained on Fast Company

A great reference to keep on hand.

The IMG tag is now allowed in posts, to allow external image linking like this one.

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Blockquotes and Comment Links

File under: better late than never?

Got a few site tweaks done tonight. Thanks to Nick Sherman for the requests:

1. Added the "blockquote" tag, so now you can quote each other consistently.

2. Comments are now directly linkable! The timestamp at left is now a direct link to that comment. Copy the link using your browser and do what you will with it.

I'm no web developer - I'm a designer, and extremely busy in the day job, so thanks for the patience.


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Voting on Typophile Threads & Comments

You may have noticed some up/down arrows on the right of Forums threads & comments. [EDIT: They have since been removed until we have a better reason to use them.] I've turned on voting, but ultimately what we do with this is up to all of us. As Typophile continues to grow with hundreds of thousands of pieces of content, we're going to need some new tools to start to sift signal from noise. A few of my initial thoughts and ideas on how we might want to use this...

- View quality content, not just the stuff that's popular
- See top voted content by day, week, month, all time
- Users with lots of upvotes on their content get status within the community.
- Type ID: The community identifies who solved the ID, which could feed into a leaderboard.

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Search is fixed

Finally got search fixed. Accidentally introduced a glitch while we were doing the upgrade, and hadn't had the time to address until now.

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Typophile Will Be Down Tomorrow (Sat 1/9/10)

Tomorrow we'll be taking Typophile down for a few hours to perform a vital upgrade. Please take advantage of the downtime to work on that killer new font that will amaze us later this year.

Wish us luck!

The Typophile Team

Take time out of your busy day to enjoy some type in motion. After all, it is Tuesday.


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Tweet your Typophile Posts

Great news! We've got Twitter integration up and running. If you go into your profile via:

My Account > Edit > Social Networks

you'll see this new panel:

If you enter in your Twitter username and password, every time you post a new Forum Topic or Blog to Typophile, it will update your Twitter account with the new content! Tweets are not sent when commenting.

Note: Twitter account information is encrypted and it's passing through to Twitter.

You can edit the format of how tweets are posted by manipulating the Text Format field.

Have fun!


Happy New Year everyone!

Got the first rev of a pet project working yesterday. It's not perfect yet, but now you can encourage people out there to submit Type ID requests via Twitter.

More here: http://typophile.com/node/65805


You've seen this concept before. A city made of type. This time for the New York Times. http://vimeo.com/6753268

Zara and I were talking recently about how much handier it would be to be able to spontaneously blog to Typophile when we find great content on other sites.

It's taken some trial and error but I'm happy to say that these work! Drag these links to your browser bar and click them whenever you want to share on Typophile. They've been tested on Firefox (Mac) and Safari (Mac) so let me know if you get unexpected results in another browser.

(Note: You must be logged in at Typophile for these links to work.)

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New Site Updates

Got the Typophile crew together today and made a few quick updates:

1. Browse recent users via http://typophile.com/avatars
2. Dig into content via http://typophile.com/tags
3. Fixed a bug keeping http://typophile.com/news or http://typophile.com/aggregator from running properly. (Let us know what type blogs you'd like to see in this space!)
4. Other behind-the-scenes fixes.

Watch this space for more updates as they unfold. And keep tagging those posts!


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Content Tagging

Got content tagging up and running today. Next time you're posting, use it! This is the first step toward creating some cool new ways to sift through Typophile content.

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User icons

Yesterday we located and fixed a bug that prevented a small subset of users from changing their user icons. If you've been wanting to change but the system has been giving you errors, give it another try. It's been fixed.


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iPhone users: http://typophile.com/m

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Fixing Search...

Some of you may notice a new link on the right hand side on the site, under your user name. While we're patching the disconnected pipes in Typophile's search engine, we're providing the "Search Typophile", which actually works.

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New Fontstruction: Singularity

Shown above: Singularity and Singularity Ligatures

I'm finally pulling the trigger on something I've been working on in my spare moments. What can I say? I love a gnarly ink trap.

It's a free download from Fontstruct. Here are the links:

Singularity - Base font; 206 characters
Singularity Ligatures - 120+ Ligatures
Singularity Chunk - with even gnarlier ink traps; 206 characters

Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

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Captchas = Bane of Existence

Does being able to read this illegible artifact prove you are human? Superhuman, maybe.

Also see: Obnoxious Character Recognition.

User profile pages now have the option of adding Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook addresses. Let me know if there are other social networks you can't live without.

Click My account > Edit > Social Networks and paste links to your social network profiles.

Be sure to paste the full path. i.e. http://www.twitter.com/username

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Twitter Typography Roundup: 21 Feb 2009

In case you're not following the backchannel chatter on Twitter, I've grabbed a mere snapshot of some of the links being thrown around the last 24 hours or so. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of these sites are not new, but perhaps you'll find something that has slipped through your typography filters.

Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/benson/


15 great typography-based objects

The Typography of Code

50 Mind-blowing Retro-style Photoshop Illustrations

40 Brilliantly Photoshopped Print Ads

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I am...

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Typophiles on Halo 3?

Anyone else here besides Joe and I spending too much time on Halo 3?

Send me a friend invite to "J7R3D" or post your gamertag here - Let's see if we can get a Typophile battle together...


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