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In a serif typeface should one have or not serifs on the ancient Greek characters lunate sigma and lunate epsilons?

Can anyone please explain to me step by step how one starts running Karsten Lucke’s KLTF Glyph Transformer from within FontLab 5.02 after installing it. I did install it successfully and then tried in vain and for quite some time to find where it was in the FontLab menu.

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KLTF Glyph Transformer

Where does one get 'KLTF Glyph Transformer' from?
Is it for Windows Xp or Mac and with which version of FontLab does it work with?

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Font ID

Any idea which font is this? Also, which fonts are similar to it, even without the 'B with the swash?

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Help me ID this font

Can anyone tell me which font is this. It is used currently in the UK Edition of Esquire magazine.

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Could anyone identify this font?

I would be much obliged if anyone can identify this font for me.

I need some help and directions about how to go doing the following. Can anyone help me please.

1. How do I insert an icon for my ID in Typophile?

2. Which is the ideal size in mm and resolution for inserting / posting images?

3. How do I post a PDF file in a thread (instead of an image - which is the default type)?

4. I have sent a typeface for critiqe under a preliminary name (Thetis) and now I want to alter to another one (Semele) which is the final name, do I start a new thread under the final name? Do I contact the Typophile webmaster for that? What would you advise that I should do?

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Can anyone ID this font?

Let me know please what font is this.

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Jan van Krimpen's Lutetia

Has Jan van Krimpen's typeface Lutetia been digitized and is it available as Type 1 or Opentype ?

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Egeria aka Thetis

Ooooops, in the last moment I changed the name of Egeria to Thetis.

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Egeria, a book text tyeface for critique.


Egeria is a book text typeface. Let me know what you think. Do you find the stroke weights homogeneous? Should some characters be designed differently? All comments will be most welcome and very much appreciated.


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