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How effective is typography on mobile devices?

Since writing my dissertation, it's stayed hidden from the world. I've always been to afraid to share it. However, I've decided to self-publish it online via Google Documents.

The subject is something that I have an active passion about and would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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Font Lorry

My name is Nathan Monk. I'm a third year student at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design (BIAD, UK), co-founder and director of Smile Creative Consultants ( and now, creator of Font Lorry (

Font Lorry is my 3rd year negotiated project. I am looking for your help so first I will tell you a little bit about the idea;

"I intend to create an online distribution platform for emerging typographic talent. Whilst at first this may appear to be a font foundry, I believe I can make this into a viable structure for typographic goods of all natures.

I will turn Font Lorry into a reliable distribution channel for designers to get original content noticed by a global audience and increase future interest in their work.

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The Baskerville Project

The Baskerville Project is searching high and low, near and far, crossing oceans around the globe and surfing the information superhighway, for beautiful examples of John Baskerville's most elegant and sublime typeface.

From your local street sign, to your favorite body copy set in Baskerville, we are looking for exciting and captivating images of Baskerville, to include in the closing scenes of the short animated film: Baskerville.

Join the hunt for Baskerville and post your contributions to our Baskerville Project Flickr group:

Alternatively you can email your high resolution photos to us here at

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