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The "n" case

One thing has been buzzing in my head, since I read an opinion in my previous log entry about some glyphs of a font I'm developing.

The sharp-smart designer Nina commented: ‘[...] the “n” even seems narrow compared to the “m” and the “u”, the “m” looking like it’s about 2 units short of being a perfect duplication of the “n”, and the “u” almost exactly equal in width to the “n”. Is that intentional?'

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When critique matters

After considering several opinions on my newspaper aimed typeface Novena text I released a new beta version, completely renewed in its details.
In the meanwhile, I won the attention of some locale publisher who looked at sketches and a couple of hardcopies I left under a table, so the encouraged me to work in order to apply Novena in their publications.

There is an attachment for printing: a light-weight 4 pages PDF that better demonstrates how it actually prints, that's its main target.
So, next steps are finishing my regular text version and accelerating the work on the rest of the family.

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Novena's sprint

Posting an improved update of Novena text (See PDF for details).
Hope you like it.

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Novena text revamped

After considering several suggestions, the new typeface is here for criticizing.

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Novena text in PDF

I rearranged Novena, do I post a PDF for inspection.


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Major upgrade to Novena text

A body text font for newspapers, Novena (meaning Ninth), developed during the first days of this year (2009).

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New Typeface Novena text

Here is Novena, a serif family (still in progress) initially aimed to newspapers requirement though, in addition, I'm developing a display version too.
Feel free to criticize. I post it in the hope of having some help from smarter people.
Thank you.

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Patagonica rearranged

Time ago I posted the newborn font Patagonica for critizising.
Now I go again, after some basis changes on the original design, with a new set of characters slightly different at the point I solved to rename it Patagonica 2.0 for such reasons.
Here you can find a sample PDF for Patagonica text (the font is, as supposed, embedded in the file).

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New font from the bottom of the world

Since early 2008 I've been working on a new font for an Extreme Sports and Adventure magazine edited in Argentina and several South American countries.

The main aim is to create a new serif family, highly readable, modern and printing friendly.

Here you can find a a sample PDF for Patagonica text (the font is embedded in the file).

High resolution printing is allowed for testage purposes.

Hope anybody can help with objections, corrections and suggestions.

Marcelo Soler

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