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Simple rules for good typography

Here are some basic rules to improve your typography across either web or print. Of course, these rules are only to start with, and rules are meant to be broken. But if you want something to look neat, clean and generally well designed they are a good set to follow.

1. Don’t use too many type faces
Consistency throughout a document or website is helpful. It brings unity and one identity. It also makes it clean, tidy and jus basically not messy. A good rule to follow then is to not use more than 3 different fonts in any one document.

2. Hierarchy

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Fonts I have used lately

This post contains some cool fonts I have used, or tried to use recently. thought I would share, let me know your thoughts.

Hope you think these ones are as good as I do. I have tried to put a number of good free ones on too for those designing on a budget. The fonts are all really thick and great for headlines or experimental typography.

I love this font. I know plenty of top design agencies who use it frequently. Its a lovely bold italic font with a real difference. I have seen a couple of versions of this. I have found a downloadable file here, looks slightly different in certain characters but still really cool. It seems to work good in both uppercase and lowercase.

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IKEA typography - A question of why?

I wanted to write this post as a kind of afterthought a good few months since the typographic shift we all felt in the world of graphics when Ikea changed their font from a custom version of futura to a standard web based one.

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Anyone know what this font is?

Anyone know what this font is?
need to redo a logo and they want to use it...

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Good typography in Indesign - bullet points

Hello all.
This post follows a really good article by Mark Boulton about good typography I read (, and specifically, how to deal with bullet points. Below are 2 images he gives to demonstrate how bullet points should and should not look.

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Great font

I found this free font the other day and wanted to share it. Its called VAL and has a lovely rounded form with curved lines making it really striking and different.

You can find it here…

Its seems to look really good in simple short forms of type. Perfect for logos or headlines, though the legibility is not amazing, but hey, its not really about that!

I also love the way it is displayed on this site. Gives good examples, but also shows the font as an alphabet form in posters with 4 fonts per page. I think this is a really interesting and original way of showing a font. It also directly shows you how effective it is in simple form.

Anyway, hope you think its as nice as I do.


Hello all. I always love authentic letterpress type type. You can always tell when this has been achieved and quite often it displays a lovely texturised quality. So today, im gonna try and show how an effect like this can be achieved using photoshop. This tutorial is being done in Adobe Creative Suite CS as this is all I have at home, but all the tools are pretty much in the same place in CS3 and 4 I think.

Step 1.

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Making something out of nothing

I have recently been working on a project for a recycling company I would love to share with everyone and get their thoughts. Its still at the developmental stage at the but have been shooting some test shots seen below.

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The art of doodles

I have been experimenting with doing a doodle type style for a poster, and although it is not yet decided if it will go ahead yet, I still think its an awesome effect. Attached to this post are a number of examples I found on places like flickr and google and one great advert as well. When experimenting, I found they key is to be patient and have a little faith. It takes a while to take shape. Any thoughts on my effort shown above are appreciate. Not quite finished yet tho.
hope you guys think these are as cool as I do.

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Top 5 Olympic Poster Designs

Having recently read about German graphic designer otl aiche and in build up to the London 2012 games, I have decided to do a post about the different designs for olympic posters. This is in fact not a very original subject, but in my research I did find that there was lots of pictures and not THAT much actual critique from a design point of view. So thats what im gonna try to offer hopefully. Obviously there has been a massive amount of designs over the years, so what follows is my top 5 favourite poster designs. Hope you enjoy.

1980 Moscow, USSR

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Do designers make great lovers?

Thats right, you read the title correctly and yes this is the worlds most soppy blog post and probably also the most embaressing, but im going to post it anyway. With Valentines day just passed came a wave of fantastically creative gift ideas from all great designer partners out there. So the purpose of this post is to show some of the (hopefully) creative ways in which I have spoiled that special someone.

101 reasons to fall in love

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Great comic book design

The inspiration for this post essentially is my love of comics books. I always loved drawing when I was younger which left me in good stead for my later progress into graphics. At a young age I would spend ages copying scenes from comic books of my favourite characters so this was, pretty much, how I learned to draw. But heres the thing, yes I love comic books and think they are wonderful pieces of art, but I actually (and I am sure this will upset a few people) don’t always think they are wonderful pieces of graphics. Yes, the ideas are usually great, and the artwork is usually fantastic, but its the combination of this with typography and all the other information that doesn’t always work and can sometimes look cluttered.

Aside from working at the perfect agency, where the tea and coffee flow like wine and clients never EVER want to change anything in your beautiful designs, the reality of design is often that it must be done quickly and to a strict budget. Clients are ever demanding and want good professional designs quickly, they don’t want to hire that great freelance photographer you know of, or splash out on a custom font. Educating people as to what is possible and how much it will cost is something all designers could probably do more of, but what about until then?

Hi fellow typites,
could I get some advice on this brochure design please?
The brochure is called a thousand words. The idea is that it stresses the importance of words, following from the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. The opening spread says 'some words are worth a thousand pictures'. We have chosen an illustrative style made up of text which I am quite happy with. I am just still wandering how to treat the type on the opposite page. At the moment it is just white out and quite structured which is in contrast to the more chaotic illustration style. Does it need more creativity? is it too clean? does the colour take the emphasis from the illustrations?

any feedback much appreciated!

I think for a lot of designers this is a given, and I have met many who think this is about the most basic of skill. So I was kinda thinking what is the point of writing this article. Well, I am still amazed by the amount of designers I know, and freelancers I hire who don’t practice this. So this article really aims to stress the benefits of Paragraph and Character Styles in InDesign and also show how I use them.

So we all know that album covers and record sleeves often present some of the most creative design or illustration around. Recently I was reading in Grafik. about the Keane Under the Iron Sea album design with illustrations by Sanna Annuka ( and found the whole process fascinating. So I decided to write a blog on album cover design.

But heres where I hit a stumbling block. What to choose as a showcase. There is some marvelous design out there and I would point viewers to agencies like non-format ( who specialise in this. However for the purpose of this article I will focus on The Beatles album covers. They have a fascinating variation which spans across a long and changing time period.

1. Revolver

Good clean typography is a fundemental skill of any designer. Most designers believe they have good typography but in my experience it is something which is developed through time and experience. I think we all begin our design lives with a desire to be outrageously creative, and only as we mature, begin realise that simplicity and structure is just as, if not more important. In this article, I will go through some simple steps to acheive good clean well structured typography in Adobe Indesign.

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The new BBC website

Firstly a bit of a general thought on the BBC and their website. I don't know this for sure, but it has to be one of the most used, if not THE most used websites in the UK. Whenever I want to find out about something, be it weather, news, or sport, this is where I go. I guess overall people respect the BBC. They assume content both in web editorial and television is more honorable than television or news companies that generate their revenue solely from advertising. There is little doubt that the BBC is one of the most recognized.

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