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I´m looking for sugestions for this monogram i´m designing. It´s function is to work as personal logo. The initials are R & C (Ricardo Calabaça). After trying with a few concepts, I came up with this version, which is the one I fell more comfortable with. The typeface is Esta Display, designed by Dino dos Santos (DSType).

Commnents anyone?

Kind regards

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Book printing and binding

Hello everyone at Typophile!

This is my first post at Typophile. The question I´m asking it´s not typography related, but here it goes anyway.

I´ve designed a small book (it was my graduation course thesis) about typeface legibility and readability, and I would like to know if anyone knows about any company that offers services on very short runs of book printing and binding?

I live in Portugal, so the company must have a shipment service to Portugal.

Thanks very much.

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