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LOST IN LETTERSPACE - Thoughts after TypeCon 2007

It was kind of surreal, considering the last conference I went to was as a Boeing engineer meeting with the Air Force, discussing flight software for the Inertial Upper Stage space booster vehicle sometime in late 1998, or early 1999 (before I retired). I have to say the atmosphere at TypeCon was completely different. For one thing, there were almost no suits or ties. There were no stacks of documents, or copies of presentation charts (although I would have loved some of the latter for a few of the talks), and more importantly I wasn’t on the Agenda this time.

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Typophilia, Alas!

I guess I can make a Blog entry, just to say I've done it. Maybe the idea will grow on me, but for now it feels rather narcissistic to think people will want to read what I have to say about Type, and yet I like the idea that they might.

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