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Typesetting CSS

New document I have made available online which examines the connection between typesetting and modern day CSSing (of body type, nothing to do with web type).

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De Stijl Customization Question

I am working on a a but of customization Doesberg and Kegler's De Stij — mainly on upper case K and V.

I am fairly happy with the V (80% there) but having a bit of a harder time with the K — partly to do with the fact that's it's followed by an E.

Any thoughts or comments?


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Offset Printing (blankets) 101

I am doing some research into offset printing and was wondering if anyone can indicate of a good online resource(video perhaps) that outline the process of the blanket production. Cheers and happy new year.

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Short Run Letterpress

Is it possible(and feasible) to have a short run of letterpress job without it costing an arm and a leg? I am looking to get my portfolio printed, with double processing and would really love to get crisp results on the text.

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Paris and Tokyo Metro Map

Sorry to be hitting with all of those commuting typo q's but writing a little paper on Netherlands,France and Japan. Does anyone have any idea about the typeface used in both the French metro map and the Japanese one?

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Amsterdam Metro Map

Is anyone familiar with typeface used in Amsterdam's metro map?
(sorry for the medium sized image, could not find a PDF for some reason)

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Letterpress machine in London?

Does anyone know of a working letterpress machine in London?

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font id

i am just doing this work now and it looks like i would need to retrace a logo due to the client loosing the original logo file.

can anyone identify this font?

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Tim walker@design museum

I have been to the Tim Walker exhibition in the Design Museum[London](highly recommended).

I was curious as to to the fonts used,

maybe someone can identify them,

looks like a remix of Times.

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I am working on a cover work for a release titled ; Jammic n Flip - In My Mind

I have been going through my suitcase and came across this Russian font which coincidently matched this as Jammic is half Russian half Korean.

was wondring if there are any Russian speaking typophile memebrs who can tell me if the image included make any sense? if not why? and perhaps a recommendation for a alt Russian font.

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I am making my first steps into poster printing for a project i am doing for my record label.

I find it surprisingly difficult to find a run down of printing techniques online...

any help on the best possible way to print a few hundreds of A2(roughly - that could change) sized poster ?

the actual poster would be a full color image with blocks of type.

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vintage record covers

some old record sleeves, anyone got similar bits? or can identify the fonts?

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52 Stockholm St

came back from Stockholm a few weeks ago and besides having great time i found myself taking photos of some nice looking numbers and typefaces.

any one recognizing these ones?

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