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To build on my previous pilot blog post. Here is some more fabulous Arabic calligraphy. All of the following attachments contain the same words which mean "I begin in the name of Allah."

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Hello World

No better way for a programmer/typophile to begin their first post than with a cheerful hello world.

I'm not sure what I will post in the future. I figure images of some nice typography would be quite snappy. Let's start now...

I'm a huge fan of Arabian inspired calligraphy. One main difference is the character set and the fact that it is written from right to left. I suggest readers of this post see some classical examples of Arabic calligraphy.

And now, onto the newer styles of Arabic calligraphy! The following are in use in Dubai, UAE. See the attachments.

1. Nakheel (Property Development)
2. Arabian Hub (Property Development)
3. Sama (Media)
4. Gulf Art Fair
5. Gulf News (Newspaper)

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