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CMD: Your head head exists only as a home for your mustache.

CS: That is a tshirt quote…

CMD: stop saying im stealing stuff. im not.

CS: no… i mean I want to make that into a shirt

CMD: i’ll push you into the sea if we’re both ever near it at the same time. is that a good tshirt idea too?

CS: yes, but not as good

Quote as shown above by Cheaply Made Dreamland becomes the next Chop Shop tee with the illustrative stylings of Chris Piascik.

We did this hand-drawn logotype for Oilily which will now be Qelavi in the US.

What say ye oh brethren of typographic love.

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Pop Culture Collection Tees

Three tees that feature well-known (and some lesser with cult-cred) celebrity robots, aliens and most recently vehicles. All three feature over 150 silhouetted references from various movies, television, video games, rock history, children’s entertainment and even a few literary characters.

weRobot tee:

alienWe tee:

weGo tee:

If you order from now until December 25th, you can get %15 off any purchases at Just make your selections by adding them to the shopping cart and when you are ready to check out, just add the coupon code cholidayshop to the field marked “Enter coupon code” and click the “submit” button below that. This will register you as eligible for the %15 discount. Happy Holidays from The Chop Shop!

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Get the original STRIPE WARS: VADER Tee on sale here, or the RAIDER Tee on sale here, or the CHEWY Tee on sale here.

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Get the tee here for Men. perfect for font nerds.

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Pic of the Freelancelot Tee

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One from Set 01: Designerd

I am new to this place, so let me do some catch-up.

Set 01 was mostly illustration with the exception of the “Designerd” tee. We designed this one for Matthew to wear at a speaking engagement and I just thought that it was really best suited for production and addition to the Chop Shop line.

this one is also available for women folk in American Apparel girly sizes.

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New Chop Shop Tees Coming

Coming around August 1st will be Chop Shop’s second release of tees. This time around we will be featuring more illustration based designs as with Set 01. One being another Tron based theme this time featuring the antagonist in red, an olde style illustration celebrating Sir Freelancelot and this TYPE based tee advertising a designerd’s most attractive asset… his fonts. This design doesn’t leave the women folk out in the cold either with “Boys Want My Fonts” also in the offering.

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