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I made some glyphs this weekend.

Hat for Bubble Battle. The front looked better, but I had to cover part of it during the battle.

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Playing with Legos

I played with Legos in my dorm's Lego Balcony.

Mine's the big one.

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Don't use Cambria for oological works

I think it's more noticeable when the picture's small.

In case it's not clear:

And here's a larger version without circles.

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This is what happens when I get water bottles

from an Operation Smile walk-a-thon at Scarsdale High School

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I didn't expect to be working on stuff like this in university.

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I'm looking for cool things to print

In two weeks, I only used $20 of printing credit. I have two more weeks to use another $130. A color tabloid-size print costs $1.50, and a large format plot costs $10 per foot. I'd like to print a bunch of cool tabloid-size posters to hang in my room, but I'm having trouble finding very many.

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I really do know something about typography

Until yesterday, I hadn't taken an art class since the first semester of high school. Yesterday, I started a graphic design class.

I had been worried that I'd know much less than everyone else because I'd never really studied "art", but it turns out none of the other students really know much about type and that I know a lot more, perhaps because I studied it all on my own with Typophile as my main guide.

The class should get more interesting though. Actually, it's already fun being reassured that I actually know something.

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Progress in T-Shirt Design

I need to figure out color. I don't know whether I want white text. If I use white text, I'll need a hot pink rather than lighter pink shirt, so the red diamonds and hearts may not show up well. I also won't be able to print at Skreened. I'm probably sticking with gray type, light pink shirt and printing at Skreened, but I don't know which gray to use.

I don't really want to use animals with the letter "t" because I don't like the lowercase t in the main font I'm using (Catholic School Girls). I've never designed type at all, but I tried making a ligature, and it came out terribly.

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Disappearing in Strand Bookstore

I went to Strand Bookstore with some friends today. I looked around in the rare books section a little, then I went to the graphic design and typography sections. (They're right next to each other.) It actually took me a while to find the typography section; it's right where it says on the map, but it's in shelves right underneath the table of comic books.

So I sat down on the floor right next to that shelf and looked at a bunch of books there. After having selected six books, I went downstairs to look at ergonomics textbooks.

On my way down, I met one of my friends. My friends had been looking for me for about half an hour. The friend whom I met had only just thought of looking for me in the typography section.

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