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working title: mostly sans, the lowercase

here is a glimpse of where my face currently stands.

this past summer i had started designing what was going to be a sans serif text weight subtly inspired by the distinct characteristics of my own handwriting. this was going to be expressed with capitals featuring several non-traditional descenders and semi-serif lowercase (in the way of THE MIX) so that there would be slight emphasis on horizontal movement. i started with the capitals, this is what i produced:

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Ohie, I Know So Much Less Than I Thought I Knew

It's currently 1:45am here in Cincinnati. I entered the studio a little after 9pm thinking I would spend the night blissfully drawing letters, but I quickly got in over my head in a massive UPM quandary and have done nothing but sift through thread after thread and wiki after wiki. I am now enthusiastically frustrated with technicalities—I eagerly want to understand everything, but each thread seems to give me more questions to consider and more technicalities to understand. I thought I had a better understanding of the technical aspects of type design than I did. It seems right now like I truly know nothing other than how to draw pretty letterforms—if that.

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Takin' the Plunge

For one of my studios this summer we have been given the freedom to propose our own projects, either as individuals or as small groups. For my project I considered a wide variety of options, including designing and sewing my own t-shirt (It would have been similar to the cycling inspired casual t-shirts that Rapha makes.). In the end, I chose the mildly daunting task of designing my own, fully functional typeface. In the words of my classmates I'm "crazy ambitious." Of course, a typeface can't be designed in one summer, especially considering the workload of other studios burdening my time, so I'm hoping to carry this into an independent study project next quarter and/or my thesis project.

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