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Mastering Indesign

This is my first blog entry on indesign and would like to make you all there aware that I have been in the publishing business since 1988 and have worked from the versions 1 to the latest available in the industry i.e. CS3.

The publishing industry seems to make a landmark with this release of CS3 bridging the gap between the CS3 print users as well as other media's (web and mobile). Truly would be talking more about Indesign which is my favourite (being a head of design) I really feel that Indesign CS3 has made a great and overide change of how we look at the publishing softwares which were mere boxes and lines in their initial stages.

Will be adding more on Indesign CS3 as it is my first blog on Indesign CS3 and this is just an intro to the mastering INDESIGN CS3.

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