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As the title says: this is the html code of a table that should be displayed correctly within a typophile thread using the allowed tag iframe.

A tex input file to use with XeLaTeX and the corresponding pdf output in order to compare Brill with Times New Roman on a text of width 90mm. Files meant for the thread http://www.typophile.com/node/103271

The input text is utf8 encoded and should normally have extension .tex.

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Samyoga table

This is the Samyoga table included in the file sktdoc.pdf generated from sktdoc.skt using skt (generated from skt.c) and pdflatex on MacTeX 2012 (pages 22-35).

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Inserting pictures & other things

File attachments are possible in one's blog. Once the file is properly transferred, it can be used in any thread.

text-gb2312.txt is referenced in node/121329#comment-593541
text-bm-utf8.txt is referenced in node/121329#comment-593541

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