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Hi there,

Does anyone have any information regarding the Master in Type Design at Centro de Estudios Gestalt in Veracruz,Mexico? Maybe you have studied there or know someone who has. I really want to know how the programme there compares to that of Reading.


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Hi there,

I had my first class last Thursday.
It went pretty well. The students found the exercise challenging
which I was happy about since that meant they were thinking
about what they were doing.

The exercise was based on typographic systems,
exploring composition of space and possibilities
of expression (value, rhythm …)
They had 5 black lines that they used to make
a composition in a square base on priciples of symmetry,
asymmetry, intermittence, interruption.

Most of the student came up with some good solutions.

Does anyone have any experience in the teaching field.
Maybe you can give me some tips about giving the students as much knowledge and experience as possible in a 3hr class.

p.S this is an intro to typo class

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