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It is with some sadness that I feel compelled to post this story today, but truly, in the name of the illustrious history of type design throughout the centuries, this 'story' MUST be told. Many of the personal names and businesses will be VERY familiar to the current type community.

Today, April 2, 2012, I discovered, quite by accident, yet ANOTHER 'knock-off' by URW++ of my original typeface design, 'Lindsay'. This time the face has been renamed 'Lindsay Becker' and is readily available as a 'free True Type download' over the net, copyrighted to URW++ circa 1999. The matrix is the SAME as the ORIGINAL digitized font of the early 1980's, and the audacity of using my name AGAIN in the font title is - well, this, for me - is THE LAST STRAW.

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