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Greetings Everyone,

Please Help! I found this on a blog or general disscussion board in this website and would very much like to use it in my paper i am working on for schoool, but i can't seem to find the author. if this looks like your writing, would you mind if i quoted you in my paper. it works perfectly for "what not to do" (ethically) in design, it is a great example. i would like to give credit in my paper to the person who wrote it.

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Why leadership?

Why is leadership so important in the graphic design field? Some of the perks to this business is to be able to sip coffee in your pj’s and go to work. In some of my research I have found a few journals that suggest that designers need to be more proactive in their field, by getting to know the firms that contract your services. This, made me think, that in order to be a leader in your field you need to pick and choose who you work for. However that can be super hard to do in this economic uncertainty. For those of you on this cite who are leaders in their field, how did you get there, what are some tips on how to navigate your clients and keep your artistic integrity.

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Who are you as a Designer?

Greeting Fellow Designers,

I am a student who has recently been asked a question, "What role do we as designers play in our society?" I was reading a similar blog on this website and there were well informed and very useful comments that were insightful. Then there was a lot of bla bla bla about junk. The point of me asking this question is to engage designers in asking themselves this question. We can all be cynical and say that you work in books because you would be selling your soul in advertising. But as a student I feel like most of what I am reading I feel is jaded.

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