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work in progress

It's really a shame i can't keep this space updated with my last experiments in type for music notation.
Right now I'm trying to find a parametric solution for the noteheads. Hope to keep this space alive with my results as soon as possible.
But there's so much to do still... I wish i could get done my script in a better and faster way.

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Music Font design, noteheads

I just find this old (1999) but still interesting essay about designing noteheads.
I will comment below when i will finish to read it.

I was thinking about a parametrical solution for noteheads, as it's one of the musical glyphs that fits the variables of stroke, direction and orientation. There's a little bit of math inside, hope to handle it....

Hi typophile and typophile's members. I'm taking advantage of this blog platform to write some words about my MA graduation thesis in graphic design, talking about typography in music publishing (first of all typography in western or mensural notation) and how it could be improved. Right now I'm still collecting resources (any suggestion is obviously welcome), I will start start soon posting and sharing my work in progress... I hope it will take me to succeed my dissertation (at least...). Stay tuned!

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