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woman in typedesign

I like to make a research about gender design.

Like the man that engrave the first type at 6pt, there are some moment in history pointing the first woman to make a typeface?

If you know some sources that could help me to find more topics in this area, share them where.

Thanks a lot

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Newspaper formats

After some research on the matter explicit in the title of this post, I want to ask you if there are some specific rule in measures of this kind of formats:


The references that I look for are quite varied in specifications. If you can help me I really appreciate.
Gerard Unger could perhaps help me :)

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Phonetic Set

Sometimes when I reading about typefaces I found some descriptions that I really want to know more; ex: in this text about Lucas de Groot Corpid: "Corpid is now very international and very versatile: we designed a broad range of numeral styles and international character sets, including Greek and Cyrillic, and even a phonetic set for use in dictionaries and textbooks".

What is a phonetic set of a typeface? Is a special form of typeface for use in dictionaries and textbooks?

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optical sizes and more

I have a couple of doubts that I never understand the true meaning of some.
For exemple:

When some description about typefaces refer the feature: optical sizes, what the really difference from the types without this feature?

A good hinting of a typeface, really give much more legibility on the screen, but what are the techniques for make a really good hinting typeface?

This are two questions that occupy my head for some long.

I am most interested in knowing the answer to these questions, and the more detailed the better.
if you lose your time to answer me, thanks a lot!

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drawing features?

Some early hand sketchs of some type designers have little lines on the outline of the characters, like this one of Jean François-Pochez (http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4147/5032761184_4c3f907cdc_b.jpg)

This little lines become nodes on the scanning process? Or what is the true function of them?

Like Robin Kinross quoted (Modern typography; p.22) from Josef Moxon in his Mechanik exercises: or the doctrine of handy-works applied to the art of printing: "By the typographer, I do not mean a printer, as he is vulgarly accounted, any more than Dr Dee means carpenter pr mason to be an architect: but by typographer, I mean such a one, who by his own judgement, from solid reasoning within himself, can either perform, or direct other to perform the beginning to the end, all the handy-works and physical operations relating to typographie."

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ID this

Frank Blokland designs this beautiful cover. (http://counter-print.co.uk/product.php?pid=1025)
But this typeface was design by him? as a custom letter and ligature?

or this typeface belongs to another typographer?

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Frank Blokland (?) beautiful typeface

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