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Conceptual Type Conference on Vimeo

Discovered these gems today from Pleks on Vimeo

A series from Conceptual Type with determination to teach myself and absorb all I can I just scanned/read [[Fontlab]] studio whole 900 page manual. :)

I am fascinated by the craft needed to create glyph-forms and enamored with the technical head knowledge, history and potential to code in order to make amazing work.

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Catching up...

To see more recent work (non of it typographic yet) see my website

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Designing 10 opentype fonts!

My name is Ian Roberts, in August I will be headed to Frankfurt/Offenbach and then to Berlin. I will be studying type and meeting with different type designers. From the inspiration I acquire I will be creating 10 opentype typefaces along with some collateral posters and work. I am fundraising money to offset the cost of the trip and to be able to make more fonts & content inspired from my trip. Would you be interested in backing my project/spreading the word by writing a blog post or article about my project? you can check out my fundraising page here

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