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A new addition

I celebrated my birthday recently and my brother bought me a copy of Felici's Complete Manual of Typography. Add that to Bringhurst and I'm officially started on my typography library.

My wife and I are working on self-publishing a few niche books, so it is good for me to have some instruction on doing things the right way!

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FontStruct and time-wasting

I do have to say that I quite like FontStruct--- three basic fonts done and ideas for more keep popping into my head. It does rather seem the fontish equivalent of those old record-your-own-record booths which were so prominent in the 50s and 60s. If anything, it's made me more acutely aware of the talent, skills, and abilities of the true font designers, and ashamed of my own inability.

Props to the folks over at FontShop for giving us rank amateurs a chance to shine, even if most of us do not!

[Blather on]

At what point should the amateur designer, that is, me, start to display his work for critique? I've got very rudimentary outlines going and a usable, if not pretty, font started.

How much self-woodshedding should I undertake before allowing my precious creation into the realm of critique?

(Or am I just overanalyzing this and should get over it already and post the blasted thing...)

[Blather off]

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