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Yo, Mastercard!

Go to Paris (flight, hotel): $2,000

Visit the gravesite: 20 euros.

Hum the tune: priceless

Jimi was right....

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And why would anyone care?

There's a picture of some leaves, and some rambling thoughts -- why anyone would bother to even look here is beyond me.

If you really care what I think about (and why would you, unless you think I have something useful to say), you'd subscribe to my RSS feed, and I wouldn't have to bother wasting my time updating this severely lame blog.

Too bad there is no IM here (yes, I know, Zara says it's "lame") but I'm not making out a cheque to Typophile without it.

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She did it again....

Man, that Yves dude is a really bad influence. Post more often he said....

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Name That Font

New entry up on my blog actually talks about type, for a change.

And there are some more type-related photos up on Flickr too, including Friz Quadrata, Comic Sans, and Helvetica.

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Pho Toes

It could be Vietnamese soup made in Dawson City, YK, where you can have a Sour Toe cocktail (that has a real preserved big toe in it!).

Or it could be a swack of new pix up on my Flickr page, with Benguiat samples as promised.

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as a good friend of mine calls hers.... I've updated mine....

And even more pix on Flickr!

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Yves made me do it.

Blog more often, that is.

Not that there's ever anything of interest for typeheads, unless y'all want to slag me for my choice of faces.....

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If it's Tuesday....

then there's another entry in my blog....

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Since I can only manage one blog at a time, I'm actually starting to regularly post at the one I've had for awhile. Thanks to prodding from Yves, I'm up to one a week here....

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What One Can Blog...

And mine is at

If you really care...

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