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Futuristical Robot Monospace Handwriting font

Well it might not look futuristic, but it is. This is a early draft version of a geeky new font-in-progress.

This is what I imagine my future robot's handwriting will look like. I imagine a robot would be nice enough to bestow upon me post-it's once in a while, so he'll need some kind of handwriting. I'd prefer it look like this. Most importantly is it's a monospaced, fixed width font, meaning every character has exactly the same width. Makes it easier to type out tables when you don't have any tabs available. Geeky and helpful to programmers and robots.

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How to make a font in sub-zero windchill

Okay I made a video about how to make a font outside in sub-zero weather. Ice cold type, complete with funky beats and flippant humor. I hope this YouTube video makes it through okay.... it's here:

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