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Typefaces used on Factory Records

Well having FINALLY decoded Peter Saville's so-called colour-code-typography from the early 1980s, I also discovered his 'free fonts' on a site hosted by British Telecom;

Now I'm sure this is wonderful news for all you Joy Division/New Order fans out there, BUT as far as I can see, these are all typefaces that go by standard industry names anyway

Closer = Trajan
Blue Monday = Engravers Gothic?
Low Life = Futura
Republic = Univers Condensed Bold Oblique?
Substance = Bodoni?
Technique = Helvetica Neue Black Oblique
Atmosphere = Wim Crouwel's New Alphabet?
1993 = New Handel Gothic
Ceremony = Albertus
World = Serpentine

Are these cuts unique to those particular projects or am I (like with the colour-code-typography) missing something here?

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Well reminded

I was traipsing around the internet recently and came across Daniel Rhatigan's picture of an old Monotype specimen on Flickr and his mention of an older thread here.

Tiffany says that it looks like the italic for Renner's Steile Futura, which is the starting point of another massive discussion here (which I confess I missed at the time). And I agree with her – the two faces are startlingly close, but Daniel's date for the Monotype specimen pre-dates Steile Futura by at least a decade.

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bad stuff in NZ part 2

This time it's political. I have just ‘blacked out' 100types in protest over the coming legislation here – the ‘draconian’ s92A Copyright Amendment Act. If you know or deal with any New Zealanders online (especially the creative ones), remind them to sign the petition at The Creative Freedom Foundation and write to their MPs this week.

For evil to triumph, good men and women need do nothing* – but if guilt upon accusation and the subsequent summary disconnection of one's online activities bothers you in any way – join the protest.

*misattributed to Edmund Burke, apparently.

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bad stuff in NZ part 1

Er... the god of default anybody? Seriously, they stuck this up at the end of my street the other weekend and I'm not amused. I recently coined the phrase ‘half-assed aesthetic’ to describe what goes on around here in place of a beautiful or useful visual language... but this really takes the biscuit (so far).

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