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Oh, and by the way, we're doing porn

Responded to a Craigslist ad this week for a graphic designer. Man on the phone sounded a little distracted and there were voices in the background, but he eventually said that he had a lot of projects on hand that I could work on, and I should come downtown and talk to him.

So yesterday afternoon I went downtown to his office.

The man I'd spoken to wasn't there and nobody knew where he was, but I talked to someone else.

It came out in the course of our rather casual brief chat (he was typing on the computer and talking to other folks the whole time) that they were building porn sites, and wanted someone to help work on the front end for a database of "girls" available for various roles and purposes.

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I am looking for work

Until Christmas 2007 I had been working for a few years at a design shop run by friends. We were winding up one big design project that had taken most of our efforts for months, and we'd been all but promised another big project to begin after the holidays. It didn't materialize, and I was laid off.

I'm shopping my portfolio around and talking to all kinds of folks, but the current economy seems to be making people skittish about the financial commitment involved in hiring someone on a regular basis. So it looks like back to freelancing for me. I'll do any kind of design and layout work over the web, but ideally I want steady part-time work here in Montreal so I can get on with other projects.

The problem is that so do a lot of other people.

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