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Fixed my avatar

Ha. After a very long time with my little spiel about my avatar not being fixable, it is now fixed. Yay for me!

For future reference, here is what my current avatar looks like in real person :p

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Can't change avatar. FAIL.

Hey Typophile, I can't change my avatar! Looks like permissions errors on the server.

In any case, here is what I was going to use:

Oh wait, I can't upload an image here either.

Well, it was going to be awesome. You'll just have to trust me.

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I tend to be ending a lot of conversations

Looking at the main discussion page, it seems that I tend to end a lot of conversations. Meaning, I am the last one interested enough in a post to comment.

What does that bode?

Does that mean that I am turning people off, that my comments have doused any further attempts at conversation?

Or does it mean that I have posted the definitive word, and that no further conversation is necessary?

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Best Twitter App

I used twitterific and an assortment of various AIR apps, etc., but I have a new favorite that isn't even Twitter Specific.

Fluid is an OSX app (Sorry PC users) that is similar to Mozilla's Prism application. It creates a site specific browser that is independent of any other browser/window you have open. Yeah, yeah, bla bla bla.

But what is unique is that you can make it work as a menubar app, just like Twitterific, but is in fact a full featured browser.

I now post straight into Twitter, the actual Twitter page, from my menu bar.

Very Sweet.

I also plan on having a menubar app for Typophile, since I haven't been able to check it too frequently as of late.

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My best Rodney Dangerfield look

I posted this on Twitter, but I thought I'd share it here as well:

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Boycott the Olympics? 1 in 5 say no!

Approx 1 in 5 people think that human rights violations aren't that big of deal and boycotting any part of the Olympics is a terrible idea.

On a completely unrelated note: 1 in 5 people on this earth live in China.

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New website design

I've never claimed to be that great of a web designer, but I'm particularly proud of my newest creation.


It's not flashy at all, but the underlying PHP code is unique. It's designed as a "newspaper" theme, with two columns on the main page that alternate even and odd posts. (That's the unique part. Anyone see that before?)

It's still a work in progress, since I'm not the most humongous expert at CSS hacks to get this to work well in IE, etc.

If anyone is willing to help me fix the CSS, I'll hook you up with the custom Wordpress theme code!

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The A-Team

AWESOME! NBC.com now has old episodes of the A-Team to watch online! They're up to episode 3 now.

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Use your Mac to talk through your phone

BluePhoneElite allows you to use your Mac's speakers and microphones as a "wireless headset" for your cell phone.

I just got mine set up, and it's pretty cool. I can open a panel and send a txt message without having to use AIM or any other tomfoolery like the keypad on my phone. That means I can copy and paste something from my mac, straight to a txt message. Pretty cool.

My roommate was annoyed as I was testing the voice capabilities. It's basically a speakerphone setup. You can initiate and end calls from the program, so you never really have to pick up your phone at all.

I like, I like.

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I posted this link in another thread, but here it is again if anyone is interested. 3 easy methods, via software, to convert a bitmap image into vector artwork that is infinitely scalable.


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My Avatar

So here it is. At least two people have wondered about my avatar. So here it is. It's a monkey candle I picked up at a thrift store. The photos look gritty because it was shot with my pinhole lens on my digital camera, which requires that I shoot at ISO 3200 to get even the most basic of shots.

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Most Awesomest Hand-Lettered sign EVER

Who's your daddy, I ask of you?

Here's the transformation of joe schmo Dan Gayle into the Typecon2007 1980s party best male costume. Rather than the cocaine and New Order vibe, or the Flashdance vibe of the others, I instead opted for the 80s midwestern white trash vibe. (The hat says Happy Days, by the way...)

It was awesome, because it added about 20 years to me, and no one recognized me at first glance.

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