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Cafe Mimi on Sale!!!

It’s on sale and very very well made. Kerning is perfect and it’s cute too.

Fast food cost more than $20 these days.

Tell a friend,

Mikey :-)

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Stag Sans in use...

The lovely Stag Sans by Christian Schwartz is the new sans for

OldNavy is also using Tribute:

Mikey :-)

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James Paul in use:

Here is another find: James Paul in use for a Malaysian airline.

It’s only $2.70 right now on myfonts!

Very cool if you ask me :-)

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Another Reason to Love IKEA...

Hello All:

Custom type is irksome to the person (like myself) that wants access to it all. But don’t we love the results.

Here is a refined Century Italic to enjoy:

I also like the slabs they have added to the romans. Hmm... moderns and slabs mixed together—has this even been done before?

Don’t get me started on the IKEA Futura too. Love that too.

Mikey :-)

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File your taxes for free!

To my US pals:

If you make less than 54,000 you can file your federal taxes for free (TurboTax is 30,000 or less).,,id=118986,00.html

and if you live in California and you made less than 155,416 you can file your state taxes for free.

Of course you still have to pay the government but at least you don’t have to pay to file.

Heck, Buy some fonts with the you’ve money saved by filing yourself.

Hope this helps some of guys and gals out there,

Mikey :-)

Hello All:

Yes I know this is not type related!

...but how I have wondered where this photo was taken.

If I knew, I’d drive (or fly) to this place so I can have my very own Cindy Sherman moment.

Mike Diaz :-)

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African American Type Designers

I can't think of one African American type designer.


Even just graphic designers?

Where is their point of view?

Mikey :-|

PS... this is not about the African American brain or anything like that- so don't go there!

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If Minion is Palatino


Arno is Zaph Renaissance

Mikey :-)

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Dumb Observation...

Fellow Thumb-Twiddlers:

Bitstream's Iowan Oldstyle was made for a publication called the Iowan Review.

I'm so wise just like Alanis Morisette.

Mikey :-)

Another thin grot would simply not do.
It's all about the Neue Helvetica Ultra Lights baby.
Oh Snap! Work it out!

Mikey :-)

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Over-printed colors in Inkscape?

Hi guys:

I really like the effect of over printed colors. How do you accomplish this in Inkscape (an open source vector illustration program). Is there a plugin that does this? There is a utility- Art Directors Toolkit- I can use to learn the RBG numbers but after that I know don't what to do. Unfortunately, Adobe products are not a viable option right now :-(


Thanks for helping

Hi there:

One can easily say Akira Kobayashi's AXIS sans is a beautiful distillation of Frutiger and Meta. Does it surpasses those types? Decide for yourself.
TypeProject is releasing trial versions of the regular and condensed styles.

I'm sure you'll see, like I have, AXIS presents text clearly, friendly, and yet is a fresh take on familiar informational type designs .

Use Google Language Tools to help you navigate the site.

Mike Diaz :-)

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Daffy AT&T Logo...

*Hi there:

Usually I don't click on tacky banner ads inviting you win something after you "slap the wrestlers belly" or "punch Paris" or even "name the celebrity to win your free iPod ". But for some bizarre reason today I clicked on "pop the balloons to save the baby" banner. And low and behold the most goofy AT&T logo ever- so bad I almost like it.

Mikey :-)
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