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Punchcut and the Portland AIGA are proud to present the premier of the Typophile Film Festival 5, taking place in Portland, Oregon on August 27th 2009.

The Typophile Film Fest 5 is a one hour selection of typographic films hailing from all over the world including Argentina, The Netherlands, Russia and the United States. The films vary in subject matter and style; creating a dynamic presentation of motion design, typographic animation, short stories, documentaries and interviews.

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Search field worky.

Try it out. As Jared mentioned in his blog yesterday, search is only working for the forums at the moment, but I think you'll find what you need until we come to a better solution.

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A peek inside Punchcut

The Experience Design group at Adobe came to Punchcut recently and interviewed Typophile founder Jared Benson and Typophile hand-coder-genius-guy Christian Robertson about the work we do.

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Typographic Idle Screen // iPhone

I once tried to organize all my apps by the iconography, with the home screen showing only single-letter marks. I also tried organizing them by color (red to blue gradients, etc…), but then I realized I could be doing better things with my time.

I was pleased to see this imagery coming from an Apple WWDC announcement:

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Jason Arber hates all these type designers

In the following article, Jason Arber of Computer Arts says:

Let’s draw a line in the sand and send a message to these evil purveyors of type, telling them that we have enough fonts, thank you very much, and perhaps they could do something really useful, like invent new colours or wear funny hats. In time, and with enough re-training, these poor creatures could become normal members of society.

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Featured Face: Pratt

Pratt Pro was commissioned for Canada's The Globe and Mail newspaper is this weeks' featured face. It brings us great pleasure to showcase new releases from independent foundries.

Thanks Shinntype for your sponsorship.

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Why America is F*cked

I hadn't seen this until just now, but it is certainly worth sharing. A little commentary on how bad signage is ruining America.

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We are under attack!

Some of you may have noticed to recent increase in spam on Typophile. We are finding that they are creating multiple usernames in a very short period of time, bogging down the system and filling the forums with garbage.

So, for a very short time this weekend, we are disabling new user registration for visitors. We'll turn it back on as soon as we can find a solution for the spam attacks.

Hope this isn't going to cause too much of an inconvenience for anyone!

Enjoy your weekend :)

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See? Type geeks are cool.

Typophile founders, Jared and Joe, just hanging out at the office.

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