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Delicato in action -- literally

It's a testament to Stefan Hattenbach's type designing skillz that his Delicato remains perfectly legible even in adverse conditions.

Photograph by Jean François Porchez.

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First Jürgen, then Stephen, now me.

My brand-spanking new Dutch-speaking FontShop blog went live tonight. Occasionaly I might have French or English entries now and then, and English translations of my type tutorials will also be published on FontFeed.

Now that that's taken care of, let's get back on the rails.

Je joue un concert avec mon groupe Troubleman (pop/rock) samedi le 3 juin prochain à Canal 93 - Bobigny Musiques.

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Now how cool is that?

It carries number 200 of 200.

Its title page sports 11 signatures from type designers ranging from young up-and-comers to type celebrities: Stefan Hattenbach, Jean François Porchez, Tomáš Brousil, Nick Shinn, {ths}, Rian Hughes, Randy Jones, Mark Simonson, Peter Bil’ak, Eduardo Manso and David Berlow.

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Happy Birthday Joe!

Yup, it's today. I started the thread GMT.

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New York Stories - part 2

My (very late) report of TypeCon2005 is up at

Incidentally David reminded me with his Digest why I just love to be teamed up with him. Not that I needed to be reminded, but still...

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New York Stories - part 1

Stewf spotted me being very useless after helping set up the FiFFteen exhibition. The red T-shirt is Stefan Hattenbach's "Who needs Helvetica?" MacRhino/Fountain joint venture.

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Big Fleischmann Bake-Off Online (at last)

It's live. Sorry it took so long, but, you know, life happens. ;-)

About the Fire Hydrant Incident -- I'll just plead momentary insanity. Hmmm... Actually that's a pretty permanent state of mind in my case. I wonder if they'll fall for that.

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Five top-quality fonts for exotic designs?

From the May 1st edition of Bald Condensed:
"(...) They all seem to suffer from the same disease that plagues Hollywood, content with releasing the Next tired remake of a classic blockbuster, or clogging the market with corny genre faces."

This epitomises everything that's wrong with the current state of the type industry. I rest my case.

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Celebration time!

I inadvertently posted the 1000th article on Typographica. I really didn't mean to, but still did. Just my luck...

Where are the goodies? :-D

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Why do I even bother?

A colleague of mine wants to use Blue Highway for a project.

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I Am Become Art

I have been on the television news this weekend, on several Belgian channels. I was in photos in almost every Belgian newspaper, mostly in the Arts or Culture sections. One of these newspapers even published an online photo special, and you can send friggin' e-cards with me on it!

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Big Fleischmann Bake-Off Imminent

You have been requesting a comparative review of Mercury and Farnham in Bald Condensed, and I am happy to announce I will be able to offer twice the fun. Hoefler & Frere-Jones' Mercury will be compared not only to Christian Schwartz's Farnham, but to Matthew Carter's Fenway -- the type family he designed as a replacement for Times Roman in Sports Illustrated -- and Erhard Kaiser's DTL Fleischmann as well. Funny thing is that DTL Fleischmann -- which is the odd one out as it is the most faithful (and quirky) digitisation -- unexpectedly has a new competitor in Mário Feliciano's as of yet unreleased Eudald. This is a Didone which is based on the work of Eudald Pradell, a Spanish imitator of Fleischmann. So five typefaces in total will contend for the coveted title of Most Totally Awesome Fleischmann Digitisation™.

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