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For shame, Google

This strikes me as typical of the whole "culture should be free" argument…


The comparison between Google and traditional companies like Nickelodeon and Target (about halfway down the article) is good, I think.

I have the feeling that, in the past, it used to be commonplace for large corporation to patronize the arts. By patronize, I mean pay artist, of course. Or, if not for big corporations, at least big, rich industrialists. But Google has more cash than all of these past institutions put together. They don't want to patronize the arts, but rather speak patronizingly to artists…

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Al Gore's new "we" logo

I hat to get all political, so I'm posting this rant in my Typophile "Blog" section.

Via Design Observer, I just came across Al Gore's new logo.

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Paris, I do like it.

Hi eveybody,

since blog = personal soapbox, I decided that I just have to share this:


It is one, long 360-degree panoramic photo of Paris by night. There is a nice big surprise that hits you right in the middle that made me happy, at least.

I don't know who made this, but my mother(!) forwarded the link to me.

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W, X, Y, and Z. I do not like them.

These four letters come at the end of the alphabet. They are the most difficult, I think Even though they may fit with each other (and with the V, too), they have so little to do with the other 21 letters of the alphabet.

Or am I wrong? Does anyone else ever feel this way? I'm working on a small family, and these letters are worst, in every weight!

OK, I'm done with my rant now. You may now return to you regularly scheduled browsing ;-)

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TypeOff T-Shirts

TypeOff has just produced its first T-Shirt, and I am giddy happy.

See the design here.

The design is an homage to Experimental Jetset, whose Beatles T-Shirt drove two members of our collective bonkers. Of course, the design is just as much of an homage to the four type designers whose names it bears:

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New website finally designed and launched

The new TypeOff website launched today. Although it is mostly in German, I still recommend a visit. Some posts are in english, for instance the site's dedication piece.* We reformatted the site; it is now a blog of sorts. All seven members of the collective act as authors. We are pleased to finally offer comments as a feature, even though the whole concept of comments and interactivity is so not new. Even those who cannot read German at all are invited to post comments. More interesting that way. We also added an RSS feed.

Anyway, let me know what you think!


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TYPO Berlin, and why clients are always wrong

I just got back from this year’s TYPO Berlin, the international conference organized every year at Haus der Kulturen der Welt by FontShop. TYPO Berlin may be Europe’s largest graphic design conference, and its theme this year was change, perhaps because after 10 years, Erik Spiekermann had announced that this would be his last round as one of the organizers.

Unlike 2004, I spent this year working inside the Linotype Library’s stand in the lobby. My whole review should be read with a grain of salt, as I only took time off from speaking with customers to see three of the lectures.

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No Room at the Inn for Typo-Berlin

I'm going to Typo-Berlin next week, the large FontShop typography conference.

I have been planning to stay at Hotel Unter den Linden, quite nearby the conference location (and cheap), where I had a single room reserved.

The German design magazine form gives away free admission tickets to people who can answer specific trivia questions every year. This year, my girlfriend knew that that the logo of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, where the conference is held, was designed by Cornell Windlin. A few days ago, she won one of the free tickets!

The Hotel Unter den Linden though is booked-out: no double rooms available.

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typo.graphic.beirut, one more time

What is a blog without blogtent? Here's an attempt to post some real content on my new, super-spiffy Typophlog. I would post this on my own blog, but TypeOff is taking some time to build. And by the time it is finished this content will be even less newsworthy (it has already been a few weeks since the conference). I swear that this is the last thing that I will post about Beirut, though.

Below is the text of the paper that I presented. I will not be posting the images. Most of them can be seen in some form or another over at TypeOff anyway (if you snoop around long enough). I have a review of the conference over at Typographica. Here is the direct link.

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Blogging away…

Wow. Typophile has been live for over an hour, and there aren't any blog posts yet? This cannot be; Typophiles don't strike me as a group that would shy away from new features! I have a hunch that the personal Typophile blogs (someone is going to have to create a cool acronym or cool name for these things) might turn out to be the best new feature on this site.

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