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101 A's and counting (my type blog)

As I suspect you all do, I take snapshots of type whereever I go.
Some of them I post on my blog. I've tagged each one with what letters are on the photos, so you can browse by letter.

If you like, you can have a look at it here:

or, you can find my collection on flickr:

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My typography scrapbook

I don’t think I can praise Evernote enough. You’d have to give me a lot of time anyway. Among the many uses I have for it, one of them is keeping a scrapbook of everything typographically interesting I come across. If you’d like, you can explore it here:

Or, you can grab the rss feed for it here.

I update it on a highly irregular basis.

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Pretty amazing handwriting

I bought this postcard at a flea market a few years back:

Is it strange to buy other people's postcards?

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