Type Battle 33 // Futura holiday dingbats

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Create a set of holiday dingbats to match Futura. The set must have at least 5 dingbats.

Winner take all, no holds barred. May the best designer win.


- Image size: 550 width x 400 height. 72 dpi
- Color: Black and White only
- Format: JPG or PNG

*Reminder: Please try to keep your file sizes to a minimum!


This is your chance to stretch your type muscles on a weekly basis. You have one week to create and submit your entry. Anyone may submit a design response to the challenge. You may enter as often as you wish. Post anytime. Critiques and comments are welcome throughout the game, from participants and spectators alike. Smack talk is encouraged.

As with any street battle, there is no panel of judges and no prize — only the ability to call yourself the best on the block.

Link directly to this battle: http://www.typophile.com/battle33
Link to the battle directory: http://www.typophile.com/typebattles

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@cumaso: those are nice - the geometricized holly especially. But your ornament looks like a bomb!

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@Fabio: nice!


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Hah, Craig, I was thinking the same thing.

Shoot, I was dying to participate in this battle. But now I'm leaving town today and obviously haven't made it. Grr. More power to you guys who have! There's some cool stuff being posted here – Fabio would get my vote so far.

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Another one just a bit more taditional. :)
May you all have a loving holliday.

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A mix of Christmas spirit and pringles potato chips.


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I gave it a go - first time doing any kind of dingbat. I got lazy with the elf.

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happy Holidays & Season's greetsings!

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Happy Holidays & Season's Greetings!

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In the secular humanist category, I think Pica Pusher has nailed it, balancing the need for holiday dingbats to be decorative with the essential anti-decorativeness of Futura.
In the whose-birthday-is-it-anyway category, I love the El-Lissitzky-meets-Eric-Gill treatment that Vargas 74 came up with.
And Simon's sozzled St. Nick, while not strictly a dingbat, is the most fun.

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