Type Battle 27 // Draw Typophile a new logo

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Draw us a new logo! Yes, that is right. Typophile is ready to move past the pixel-T, and especially the pixel-7. We are looking for not just one amazing drawing, rather a large handful that can be rotated on the red square and potentially used in other Typophile promotional materials. What better way to show off the talents in this community, than to display them proudly in our mark?

Examples of previous logos:


- Draw only the letter T -- it can be uppercase or lowercase.
- How you draw it is up to you (vector tools or ink), just as long as the file is submitted in the proper format.
- By participating, you pledge that the work is of your own design.
- Do not use any fonts or other rights-protected imagery (unless you own the rights to the design).

- Image size: 500 width x 500 height. 600 dpi
- Color: Black and White
- Format: TIF

Judging // Punchcut will judge the entries, keeping in mind the popularity of the entries in the thread.

Copyright Retention // Participants (those who submit entries to Typophile) grant Typophile permission to use the artwork/design for promotional use, as we see fit, and for applications not limited to the website. Participants retain copyrights and Typophile agrees not to sell or transfer our usage rights. (In other words, we don’t require exclusive rights, just unlimited usage.)


This is your chance to stretch your type muscles on a weekly basis. You have one week to create and submit your entry. Anyone may submit a design response to the challenge. You may enter as often as you wish. Post anytime. Critiques and comments are welcome throughout the game, from participants and spectators alike. Smack talk is encouraged.

Link directly to this thread: http://www.typophile.com/battle27

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two quickies.

flipped existing characters to get interesting characters.

(( http://prozacrepublic.org ))

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The pump action is a little better, but still not quite what I was thinking. Maybe it's impossible to do it. In my head I'm seeing two quick(er) beats, pause, two quick beats, pause, two quick beats, pause...

It's like the pumping goes too slow. If my heart was pumping like that I think I'd be close to death. Either that or I'da been on yoga for half the day.

I'm looking at it through Safari on the Mac. It looks great (but slow).

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No offense to Nick intended but I guess I am not a fan of the animated GIF. It just drives me nuts. In this case, the only attribute of the design is the animation so that when it is finally done, there is no more than a plain basic T. I think whatever design that you guys choose should be on the merits of a static image and not depend on animation to have any impact. I still think Satya's latest image is the best one in spite of Concrete's vociferous objections.


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The drawback with the animated GIF (apart from the fact that it's animated Chris - none taken!) seems to be that different browsers struggle to play the GIF at the speed it should be played at. Mike's Safari is clearly not doign what Firefox does...solvable in Flash? I dunno, not an expert. Seems if you look at it in Firefox it will be as close as it gets to the right speed. Rock on Firefox.

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Well, yeah...I guess Chris has a good point there...in which case I sure like Satya's t + Q solution.

And formlos's. And Gui's.

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Here's another...

And the little guy...

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the idea came from typophile being a community that brings all sorts of people, from different places, with an interest in typography together. so i essentially brought in 2 different styles of letter forms and combined them together to illustrate that.


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vociferous...? nah :)
though it is obvious Gui Yong is the clearly the winner. I would like to see flowers with the leaves and if you animate it, then that would bring me joy. ;);)

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Your sarcasm is so transparent, concrete. You are full of many shit.

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Now that latest entry of yours is way cool! much better than the animated T. The only thing that bothers me a twinge is that the lowercase t looks like it could be a gravestone cross instead of a t.


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I do apologise if offended, it was meant as jest not taunt. I guess I over stepped the mark. sorry

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actually thinking about nothing transparent at all... solid as ... full of many poohs thank you

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I vote for Nick Jobs ”Three of anything”. Conceptual, dynamic, works everywhere and will keep being interesting. I think a ”logo” for this kind of thing does not need to be traditional in ways of form and funktion. It needs to ask questions instead of giving answers.

Patrik Castenbladh

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a joke, but what the heck :D
here is something with a yiddish smell..

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Topophiles love it version :

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Why not go with a classical lower case t? You said you were done with the pixel t, why not go way back?

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i just made this up:
any one like it


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somewhat inspired by the lemniscate of Bernoulli, two versions:

by the way, is this battle going to be over anytime soon?

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From the very basic, a pencil.

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satya: nice, i think adding a bit more boldness to the lines and the tip would make it even better.

here's another - not so serious - one:

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The pencil can be used in many other ways depending on the context,
with or without word-mark.

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Satya, yours is my favorite so far.

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Oh, Alessandro...T for two and two for T!

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Oh, Koppa... two T for the pleasure of thee... lol

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Satya’s pencil is a bit too similar to D&AD’s awards in concept, more of a national than international concern though.


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You all are amazing, there is an awful lot of enthusiasm here for this work. Very exciting for us to see!

We are going to close the battle in about 12 hrs. So, tonight (Monday Aug 18) at midnight PST will be the deadline. Get your entries in!

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Some more Typophile madness:

The Book


The Visual Anagram


The Inverted T Fox


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Filling and unfilling the lowercase t's can create alternate faces/styles.

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Thanks for playing, everyone! We'll announce the winning entries by weeks end.


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Are they announced yet? :>

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Hmm...What happened with this?

stefan's picture

What happened here is called

[Snail Decisionmaking] the creative technique often used by ADs & CDs when deciding upon their own image.

It is the opposite of :


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There is no need for an announcement, it is obvious that the design submitted on 11.Aug.2008 1.46pm stands as the greatest Typophile logo of all time.

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stefan: I'd kern the tm closer to the words at subject, though. :P

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It's a snail-TM.
It falls behind ;-)

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Let's just waitTtTtTTttTTtTttTTTTTtTTttttttttttttttttt.... :)

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Well it's getting kind of annoying now.
I mean there would be nothing wrong with just posting a short »sorry for the delay« or »we've cancelled it« or »give us two more months« but just letting it die like this is not cool.

Or did I miss something? No bad feelings though.

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closetag please?


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Too difficult to close tags with no permanent edit feature. I'll see what I can do.

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Hi a little disappointed in the lack of response for this post at least front up and announce the winner or say all entries were great ... although.. have not met the 'standards' rather than no response. thanks

close tag

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As a moderator I will ask that you all have a little patience. The powers that be have all been and/or currently are traveling to and from various conferences and locales around the world. Thank you.

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damn, only just stumbled across this thread.

no more submissions?

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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