Type Battle 27 // Draw Typophile a new logo

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Draw us a new logo! Yes, that is right. Typophile is ready to move past the pixel-T, and especially the pixel-7. We are looking for not just one amazing drawing, rather a large handful that can be rotated on the red square and potentially used in other Typophile promotional materials. What better way to show off the talents in this community, than to display them proudly in our mark?

Examples of previous logos:


- Draw only the letter T -- it can be uppercase or lowercase.
- How you draw it is up to you (vector tools or ink), just as long as the file is submitted in the proper format.
- By participating, you pledge that the work is of your own design.
- Do not use any fonts or other rights-protected imagery (unless you own the rights to the design).

- Image size: 500 width x 500 height. 600 dpi
- Color: Black and White
- Format: TIF

Judging // Punchcut will judge the entries, keeping in mind the popularity of the entries in the thread.

Copyright Retention // Participants (those who submit entries to Typophile) grant Typophile permission to use the artwork/design for promotional use, as we see fit, and for applications not limited to the website. Participants retain copyrights and Typophile agrees not to sell or transfer our usage rights. (In other words, we don’t require exclusive rights, just unlimited usage.)


This is your chance to stretch your type muscles on a weekly basis. You have one week to create and submit your entry. Anyone may submit a design response to the challenge. You may enter as often as you wish. Post anytime. Critiques and comments are welcome throughout the game, from participants and spectators alike. Smack talk is encouraged.

Link directly to this thread: http://www.typophile.com/battle27

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and inverted version:

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Opened up T Box.


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My (personal) favourites so far would probably be the ones by Stefan/sos4nt, Stephan Kurz, James/jupiterboy, Seán/smongey, koleslaw ('System'), Philip/Philipo ('Build Type 2'), Aleksander.
Niiice. (And, 'Thanks'.)


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Yet another smiley one.

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One more animation concept:

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My favs so far: Formlos' last submission - closely followed by - Koleslaw's variating concept. Also „in pursuit“ is funkyfire's logo.
Some hot stuff here :)


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I think i have solution. Hope you enjoy.

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you may be a weiner already

(that’s from Ziggy)

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what... 'o my god!'... I am out competition is way too fierce... ahem..? :/ :] :(

nice... love it. phew!

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Only because you make a joke all the time does not mean you must insult me. Why do you mock my technical abilities when your designs show your childish technical skillz? I have mastered over 26 photoshop effects in my post, including the chrome emboss effect. I should also mention gradient tool, plastic wrap, lens flare and custom airbrush.

I will destroy you with my skills if necessary.

(thank you for spellings Jupiter James)

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OMG! Keep it coming! I can't get enough!

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now thats what I talking about...!! finally... bring it on (as in the skills). Also I think you forgot to mention your leaves effect.

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Does anybody wonder why Gui has been posting all night long, his time, on all these threads. Oh I think I know what he is going to say next!


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I simply watch Olympics and make Typo posts.

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This thread is a thing of beauty. Any volunteers to make these into a font?

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Clashmore, Allesandro, &c. we will need these files at either 500 pixels square at 600 dpi TIFFs or as vector EPS files.

Everybody will need to email your files to typophile [@] punchcut [.] com.

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Loving it! There is some great stuff here, and I appreciate the effort put into all the designs - especially the ones with animations!

koleslaw: definitely a great concept and well executed, but I must crush your dreams only slightly by saying we've have kind of been there, done that ;) That doesn't mean we can't do it again.

In our version, we used the number 5 (all those years ago when we launched the 5th anniversary design, on 5/5/05), and it was chopped in the same way, but had a more randomized layout. I've attached examples:

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Eh, so much for revitalizing company history and maintaining brand equity. Kidding aside, that does look familiar. I might've remembered that concept somehow. Subconsciously? I do remember wishing they were lined up, though. Either way, I'll just submit mine as individuals then.

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Everybody will need to email your files to typophile [@] punchcut [.] com.

Are you saying that everyone needs to do that to be considered? Or that only the selected designs will need to be sent?


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Hello ALL!
I have submitted two logo designs with black and white variations.

Thanks, Dot.

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Something cute, with love. ;p

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I've created a slideshow on Flickr. You can vote for images by adding them as favorites.


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Patrik Castenbladh

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Here's another negative space T take on:

Primary, positive space: hands "reading" position.

Secondary, positive space: hands "thumb up" position.

Animation concept:


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> I’ve created a slideshow on Flickr

The slide show is flawed in a few significant ways, I think (maybe?)...

A) The guidelines specifically say black and white. Why are the red ones and the 3-color (red, black, and white) ones included? Uneven playing field here.

B) Many of these are designed with a focus on the relationship of the positive and negative space on a neutral or white background, which is lost when a black and white design (which ultimately would be red and white on a white background, I assume) is presented on a black background. We're not getting the full effect on a lot of these.

This is not to be critical of a good idea, but rather to be helpful.

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I'd like to note that one of my pictures is broken in the slideshow, it's this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joepemberton/2754599579/in/set-721576066803...

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Here is my Idea:
Typophile lets the people Zoom Into the Type and thus I have taken magnifier(made of a 't') as a metaphor.

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That second one is looking a bit like the BOC logo. More cowbell!

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Satya's concept is great, and makes for an easy alternate between Q and t focus. Nicely done.

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I admit I didn't read the challenge I simply made something I like. I hope others like it too. For your consideration:

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This thread makes my day every time I refresh it. Way fun. Why didn't we do this years ago?

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Another entry:


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