Type Battle 27 // Draw Typophile a new logo

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Draw us a new logo! Yes, that is right. Typophile is ready to move past the pixel-T, and especially the pixel-7. We are looking for not just one amazing drawing, rather a large handful that can be rotated on the red square and potentially used in other Typophile promotional materials. What better way to show off the talents in this community, than to display them proudly in our mark?

Examples of previous logos:


- Draw only the letter T -- it can be uppercase or lowercase.
- How you draw it is up to you (vector tools or ink), just as long as the file is submitted in the proper format.
- By participating, you pledge that the work is of your own design.
- Do not use any fonts or other rights-protected imagery (unless you own the rights to the design).

- Image size: 500 width x 500 height. 600 dpi
- Color: Black and White
- Format: TIF

Judging // Punchcut will judge the entries, keeping in mind the popularity of the entries in the thread.

Copyright Retention // Participants (those who submit entries to Typophile) grant Typophile permission to use the artwork/design for promotional use, as we see fit, and for applications not limited to the website. Participants retain copyrights and Typophile agrees not to sell or transfer our usage rights. (In other words, we don’t require exclusive rights, just unlimited usage.)


This is your chance to stretch your type muscles on a weekly basis. You have one week to create and submit your entry. Anyone may submit a design response to the challenge. You may enter as often as you wish. Post anytime. Critiques and comments are welcome throughout the game, from participants and spectators alike. Smack talk is encouraged.

Link directly to this thread: http://www.typophile.com/battle27

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On Your Own with Flowers


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I really dig Koleslaw’s proposal. Great concept!

IMHO, it could even be more permissive:
The middle part doesn’t have to be fixed; it could also change to be waisted, or have a Tuscan thorn &c.

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I like Koleslaw’s concept of different hats and boots.

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The first, the one, the only: Gutenberg

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formlos came strong, but koleslaw killed it!

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Jan, doesn't that look a bit too much like the Typoart-Freunde logo?

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Jan, doesn’t that look a bit too much like the Typoart-Freunde logo?

Now that I’ve seen it ...

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I like Paul’s first, Fernando’s negative space ones, and Pieter’s. There are some other nice ones but in some cases I wonder how they would look at a small size.

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koleslaw’s concept is also my favourite. The versatility of its components is incredible. From cowboy to diva to king to jester with any little swap. I’d love to see a complete font of each variant!

However, here comes an evil one.


Design means: thinking comes first.

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darn! i wish the mods were on the judging squad!

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keeping in mind the popularity of the entries in the thread.

Better get it off your chest.

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Yay, thanks for the positive comments. Florian, I decided to keep the middle stem constant to emulate the original Typophile logo blocks as well as to maintain continuity through all variations.

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Only a minimal T, like a letterpunch by side.

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@Phillip: transformers T's in disguise or ikea T... love it

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Design means: There is love and passion in type

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I like your last version. It conveys the old Bauhaus face, El Lizzitsky square, as well as the lowercase t.


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ooops ... breaking rquirements

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To grant a balance of forces, I finally had to add a counterpart to the evil.

Here’s the good one.


Design means: thinking comes first.

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hello! this is my proposal....

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Typophile...for the love of type

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robbiefa's cup and tee bag is perfect :)

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Focus on "T"ypography = Typophile:

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Hi, I'm Hector and I'm new here. Here are my proposals. The last two ones don't meet the requirements, i think, but I'd like to show it to you anyway. The first one is the main proposal, all the others are another variants.

Sorry about my English.

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Hi this is only a joke, though c'mon I am sure there are others that can submit better than what I am seeing above... pick up the pace

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part of a railway crossing in Tokyo

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Long time lurker. Thought I'd give it a go!

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form and counterform together make type.
please comment.

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my comment... Color: Black and White, not Colour, Black & White? I could be wrong

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Animation concept (got no Flash, so only rough idea in gif).


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another "facelift" of actual logo. In smaller sizes, it gives the impression of depth.
it can be adjusted for any dimension, even for icons:

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