TYPE BATTLE: Week 16 (10 July)

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TYPE BATTLE: Week 16 (10 July)

Here's your chance to stretch your type muscles on a weekly basis. Each game kicks off on Monday with a new challenge, and closes at midnight PST on Friday. Anyone may submit a design response to the challenge. You may enter as often as you wish. Post anytime. Critiques and comments are welcome throughout the game, from participants and spectators alike. Smack talk is encouraged.

Winner take all, no holds barred. May the best designer win.

Link directly to this thread: http://www.typophile.com/battle16


- Size: 600 width x 400 height. 72 dpi
- Color: Black and white only
- Format: Please save your graphics as PNG
- Only respond with the characters posted in the challenge.

// This is a fat contest. So pack in those twinkies and design the phrase "I am the phattest" in the heaviest letters you can muster. The phattest fat face wins.

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Quickie to get it started (just a screenshot from Illustrator):

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reminds me of Rammstein (but much fatter :-)

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I missed the last one, so I'll try to get in early here. This won't work as a font, but I don't think that's required.

(inkscape sketch)

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update: I am the most silly...

and even fatter...

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Could not resist...

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ok, this is an early knock out by a sumo wrestler...

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You are…

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Nice, kris. that's looking pretty phat.

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What a bunch of supermodels. This is phat. ;-)

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These faces need some counter stapling surgery...

Ok, here's my first shot.

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jonsel, i dig. P.H. fatty phat. the T's though...squishy

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I was going to enter, but after seeing matthew_desmond's entry I'm not even going to bother. Kudos, dude--that is hilarious!

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Matthew - how dare you try to win this? Nice work, almost dissuaded me from entering the ring as well, but, hey, what fun is that?

Jonsel - good to see you here, have I told you you rock? Nice tough phattness, it could totally beat up the others.

This puppy was just calling for me to finish the alphabet but I got lazy when it got hard (go figure) so there are some letters missing, and some are just ugly.

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C'mon people. That all you got?

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one of the phattest fonts i designed (sorry, not especially for this battle...)

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And a fat(obesite) penny from me.

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For the phattest typeface I choose the Bubba Enbloque designed by Greg Meronek find at :

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Well, here's my go: bit of a mishmash stylistically, but what the heck...

Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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For the phattest typeface I choose the Bubba Enbloque designed by Greg Meronek find at :

The purpose of the battle is to test your skills, not to submit typefaces previously created -- especially not by other people.

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- Lex

EDIT: Fixed the weight of the 'S'.

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Tremble, lest I sit on you!

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ooh, Carl, nice one!

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Crossgrove, that there is like a real(ly phat) typeface! I totally dig it.

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It is a lot like a typeface; I took Mundo Sans Ultra and puffed it up even more. I hope that isn't cheating. I obviously missed the rule about image size... <:(

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It's so phat, it can't even fit within the default image size!

- Lex

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mm I don't know, I've been under the impression that these battles were for sketching up new bits to answer the challenge.

Christian, judge's ruling here?

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A weight that I will eventually draw for Cyril ( www.typophile.com/node/12860 ) if I ever draw any weights for Cyril: Cyril Absurd. Right beyond Cyril Black. It gets phatter at the end because I realized I could make it even phatter.

The process I went through to make it:
-Hand draw in pencil
-Trace pencil with pen
-Scan into garage computer
-Transfer into computer in my room
-Touch up in Photoshop
-Import into Inkscape
-Trace bitmap
-Minor tweaking
-Export bitmap
Ridiculous, eh? What do you guys do? I bet you all have those new-fangled hifalutin styluses.

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Not a new font but it fits (I guess):

George Triantafyllakos - backpacker.gr

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hahaha, matthew_desmond! brilliant!

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