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Hi all.

This is last friday's effort from my Friday Fonts campaign. I'm continuing to work on my
grotesque, but needed a break.

It's based on a photo I took of an antique child's toy. The original was woodburned so I
tried to keep some of that appeal. Hopefully it still has some appeal. When I eventually
revamp my website, I was thinking of maybe offering it as a free font. Or should I try
to sell it?

Thanks for your thoughts,
AT Tenement

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Randy, i'm inspired by your Friday Fonts campaign. Keep it up man.

This is cool and would be great for the indie music scene, among other stuff. And that background is killa.

Here's something already out there, just fyi.


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You are rediculous pulling that link in less than 10 minutes. What do you think this is, the
ID forum? :-) Well, I suspected there are other type hounds out there sniffing for alphabets.
Thanks for the link. I particularly like the rubber stamp fonts.

I was thinking of including the background ornaments in the font. They came from a box
of Korean tea I inherited.


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You inherited a box of tea?

But include them, they're great.

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